Friday, June 6, 2008

Setting up suitable incorporation name for your Business

Incorporation denotes the formation of a new, separate, legal entity with its own assets, rights and liabilities.

Also, income tax rates are lower for limited liability companies than for single owner or partnership businesses. So when anybody sues your company you do not have to worry about your own possessions. Incorporation of your business defaults.

Even your website will be easily understood. It will then be easier when you send emails, or prepare directory listings and classified ads. When forming a corporation an incorporation name must be chosen for your company is and the business it conducts.

A suitable incorporation name should ideally say what you can do for the customer, and why you are the right choice to consider.

You may want to operate in, or in the business you have a list of 3 or 4 incorporation names, apply for name clearance from the registrar of companies in the business you have it, no one else can use it without your permission!

This not only prevents someone from copying a famous name to dupe customers, but also protects you from those who may want to ride on your success! Normally the company registration authorities will not allow an incorporation name search to end in names that resemble already registered names or even those which rhyme with them or those that can be mistaken for them. It is possible that someone else with the same idea may have registered the name you want, and so you may need some alternatives on hand.

With the advent of the internet and the ease of creating websites, it is essential to have a web presence. This now means that your name should be exclusive to you not just in your geographic area of operation, but also globally via internet domain names! You can have different names for your business and your website, but that just increase confusion in your customers mind. So, life will be easier if your company name should be available for registration as a domain name as well.

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